Four Joint Treatment Considerations

Thought Patterns Powerful thoughts that form your personal belief system is often the primary cause of your actions which trigger mental, emotional and physical pain. Food Preparation Food preparation is another link in the chain that contributes to the health of your pain free joints. Processing removes life giving nutrients from your food and often […]

Degenerative Joint Disease

A condition known as the degenerative joint disease is also known as osteoarthritis. Wear-and-tear arthritis develops as joints wear down, allowing bones to rub together. The degenerative joint disease causes stiffness, discomfort, and swelling. It can be debilitating, making daily tasks difficult. How does degenerative joint disease happen? Bones, muscles, and joints gradually break down […]

What is a Joint?

The meeting point between two parts of an object is a joint. In the human body, this meeting point is between two bones. What types of joints are in the human body? The type of tissue present and the range of motion determine the joints’ two classifications. Classification according to the type of tissue: •Fibrous […]

Break The Pain Loop

Being overweight has emotional and physical challenges that often create devastating loops. Damaging your joint is one of those loops. The additional weight creates painful joints that make it harder to move and the less you move, the more weight you gain and movement makes your joints hurt even more. Finding motions you can do […]

Common Joint Diseases and Injuries

Many joint injuries and diseases are the consequences of very specific behavior patterns. Many of these behavior patterns are caused by lack of information in regards to the impact of nutrition on joints as well as harmful movement patterns. Lack of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation nutrients in the diet and heel to toe running are […]

Sore Joints

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is not right. You can ignore it, mask it with pain killers or listen to it. Listening to your body is one of the first steps in disease and injury prevention as well as healing. One of the contributing causes to joint pain is chronic inflammation […]

Cherry Juice and Arthritis

Pain diminishes the quality of life regardless of its type or severity. However, some pains directly impact your mobility that is even worse since without mobility those activities that could help you regain health become even more complicated. Joint points like arthritis due to injury or disease are examples of this. The normal course of […]