Cherry Juice and Arthritis

Pain diminishes the quality of life regardless of its type or severity. However, some pains directly impact your mobility that is even worse since without mobility those activities that could help you regain health become even more complicated.

Joint points like arthritis due to injury or disease are examples of this. The normal course of action is to accept the superficial understanding of this condition that by its very definition is a symptom since arthritis means inflammation of joints.

With “normal” acceptance comes normal behavior of watching this condition become worse while taking medications to reduce the pain and mask the condition. Masking a symptom does not include the taking the steps to change the condition that causes the inflammation of the joints in the first place.

To mask the conditions we reach into or cabinets full of growing medications that over time lose their effectiveness and overload our organs.

There are other ways, more beneficial ways, ways that involve personal research and understanding which often includes the power of nature.

Back in 2012, Journal of Food Studies reported one of these researches into cherry juice and its impact on arthritis. In this study women between the ages and 40 to 70 who drank cherry juice experience a statistically significant difference in both their pain and their inflammation in comparison to those who receive placebo.

Am I suggesting to drop your medication and rely on cherry juice for arthritis? Of course not, arthritis comes in many forms, and many of the causes are unknown. You need to work with your health care provider on this. However, I am suggesting for you to look at the foods you eat because they are often the source of increased inflammation in your body. Sugar and processed foods are a couple of examples.

I am also suggesting to choose your food ingredients and selection in ways that reduces your inflammation. Cherry juice is an example. Other foods under the category of super-foods are also natural sources that will bring down your body’s overall rate of inflammation and your joints will benefit.

These super-foods can also increase the levels of antioxidants in your body that serve as a protective barrier against the ravages of free radicals that exist in Arthritis.