Four Joint Treatment Considerations

Thought Patterns

Powerful thoughts that form your personal belief system is often the primary cause of your actions which trigger mental, emotional and physical pain.

Food Preparation

Food preparation is another link in the chain that contributes to the health of your pain free joints. Processing removes life giving nutrients from your food and often adds inflammatory substances.

Food Ingredients

Using food ingredients you are allergic to or intolerant of will place your body in a state of inflammation. Allergic reactions will often destroy the balance within your digestive system which allows harmful material to move from your digestive system into the rest of your body which could cause or contribute to your joint damage.

Exercise And Joints

Exercise creates an oxidative stress within your body. When oxidative state is managed with adequate water, healthy liquids, complete nutrients and rest, it is beneficial to you. Without these elements, especially when the exercise routine is not carefully designed to control the impact of the ground reaction forces and follow the natural anatomical pathways within the body, exercise itself can become the source of joint inquiry and disease.